Saturday, 1 September 2007

New Beads creations on 5th Sept (Wed)

Commissioned Project
As promised I have uploaded the photos of the project that I was working on for the past 2 days despise not being in tip top condition....This is for a very nice lady, its for her colleagues. Very thoughtful and sweet of her...... Teachers Are The Light Of The World.
And yes....I'm still not in a too good condition to create new beads. Therefore instead of Monday, it will be uploaded on Wednesday (05/09) instead, thank you all for the patience and oh yes, please pardon me if I happened to reply emails a bit slower than usual.


Gummi said...

Very nice! Good job done!:O)

Charlene said...

Hi Gummi(Joan) thank you very much , so sweet of you, sorry to keep you waiting for my new beads.

Gummi said...

hee..u remember my nick. *Blush*

Thanks Charlene, I have gotten them safe and sound.;p