Wednesday, 26 September 2007

No upload of Beads Creations on Children's Day ( 01 Oct 07) next upload 08 Oct 07.

The next upload of new beads creations will be on 8th Oct 07, I will be taking a break on 1st Oct (Children's Day). Have been wanting to have an outing with my 2 darlings...hmm maybe to the beach or maybe a movie....
Being a mom has not always been an easy task, let alone a multi-task working mom. Kudos to all the Mommies out there! I've always enjoy my passion...and profession :) but sometimes it would be great just to have a break once in a while, take off your shoes and have a long walk along the beach, enjoy a lazy morning just the 3 of us....(Daddy is working)

Teddy beads creations will be uploaded on Tuesday (02 Oct 07) between 11 am to 1pm , I will send an email to those who have already mailed me their interest to purchase them.

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