Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Please read before you make your selections...

This is my creations for teddies for the past few days... they are all waiting for someone nice to bring them back home, I won't be naming them although very tempted to as you can see some of them have really very mischievous grin o their face... (I know that if i start to name them....I won't be able to part with them...)therefore each of them will have a code instead. Every teddy has touch my heart lovingly as every part is handmade by me, I do hope that you can take good care of them and will also send me some picture of your beautiful accessories creations featuring them....

I will be loading them later between 11am to 1pm. I have thought of many ways to make sure the selection procedure is made fair to everyone and at last I've come up with some guide lines. Please take a few moment to read this before making your selections afterwards.

1. Designs selection will be on first come first served basis(I will also constantly update the available/reserved items)
2. Please make your selection list for 10 beads (based on your most wanted and onwards) I will try to accommodate your request based on the first choice on your list . For example if choice 1 is not available anymore I will try to give you your 2nd choice of bead. In the event that all that you have chosen is not available anymore, I will email you to inform you.
3. I will also put up your initials next to the Teddy if your choice of selection is successful.. I will constantly update the available list too.
Thank you, I do hope you enjoy creating beautiful accessories with them as much as I enjoy creating them.

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