Friday, 19 October 2007

Teddies order open now!

Dear teddies fans,

I am now taking new orders for teddies, and this time round I will take whatever quantity (subject to the max. of 10pcs per person) as I know some of you wanted more the last time round.
This time, there will also be christmas theme teddies. So ladies please send me an email and please follow the format below.

1. No. of teddies that you would like to order.
2. No. of christmas theme teddies that you would like to order.
3. Total no. of teddies (the usual ones + christmas theme)

I will work out what is the best way for selections.

The price for the usual teddy is $12/ea and the price for the christmas teddy is $15/ea.

Order is open now till 23th Oct 07

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