Thursday, 11 October 2007

Teddy Beads Blings Blings Competition!

I've already missed those teddies already....and I was thinking of coming up with an idea(or rather should I say a motive...hehehe... just to see them one more time...) I would like to call out to those who had purchased my teddy beads....I'm thinking of having a teddy beads blings blings competition, and the judges would be YOU!

I will be collecting all the entries from now onward until 21 Oct 07.

Creations entries will be posted in my blog. I will set up a poll on 22 Oct for all to vote, you will be my judges. Voting will last for 3 days. To be fair to all please vote only ONCE.

Please send your entries to me.

The winner will be the one who has the most votes, she will be entitled to have 2 sets of customised beads from me.
Let me know if this idea works for you? Thank you for your time on reading such a long winded post :) . Good night and a great weekend.

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