Friday, 16 November 2007

Happiness is...

to see your little baby at the front cover of the magazine. She was absent 2 days from school from mild fever, and the on the next day, she came back home from school and tell me " Mommy, one boy from my class came to say to me, I want to tell you a are on the cover of the magazine!"
Me** Big Wide Grin**
Oh, she didn't know that the school has already distributed a copy to each child as she was absent for the past 2 days :) She didn't really know what the whole photo shoot was about, she only knows that she will get to eat the cupcakes after the photo session.
Me** Grin again**


Lyssa said...

Woah is that your daughter? She's sooooooooo pretty!!! I feel like kissing her cheeks :D What magazine is that? :)

Charlene said...

hehehe** smile, smile**, yes thats my baby :) the magazine is "Singapore Child" Dec issue.