Thursday, 8 November 2007

I need more hands!!!

Hi everyone,

I am so very busy with all the teddies beads making and cracking my brain for new canes ideas for the season that I can hardly find any time to make new beads. I wished I had grown more pairs of hands. (still sanding them while blogging ...hehehe).

For those fantastic beads makers like Karin (Germany)and Adeline (Singapore), one who truly makes her own canes will know that the difficult process is making the canes and not making the beads. For one, Adeline is great for her creativity and skill (although she is pretty new to polymer clay, she has one fantastic talent for it...Jia you!)... :) As for Karin....oh I can say that she is the master of all for the most beautiful polymer clay beads I've ever seen.

Kudos to you guys, and as for me, polymer clay has always been a passion for me all these while. I've been learning and gaining experience along the way too. I can say, many many effort have been put in to date so far. I'm so very glad that so many of you have come to appreciate my effort. Thank you so very much.

I shall now get back to 11.50pm on a public holiday night....

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