Monday, 3 December 2007

So when will you see my new beads and... my face? Hahaha

Sorry for my slow responses to some of your emails sent to me the previous computer has been down with lots of flu recently. (which I'm trying very hard to have it up again) Hmm, maybe its time to get a new one too. :) I will not be able to have any new beads creations these few weeks due to some major stuff to attend to at my retail. Details will be announced once everything has been settled. I'm anticipating new changes next year whereby I have more time for my beads creations and for my family too.

I will announce the date and time for the next upload of beads once its ready, so please check back here frequently to see the updates.

Oh yes, if you have time...Chanel News Asia (CNA) Program: Great Expectation. Date: Tuesday 04 Dec 8.30pm, Repeat at 11.30pm. Tinkle Art Room will be featured in Lisa Ang's Great Expectation Program. I'm very camera shy, so please pardon me if I look awkwardly funny (and fat...hahaha) and slurring (is that the word?)at whatever I said (which I can't even remember what I was talking about.....) Too nervous to think, too blur to know whats happening and too scary to think back...well to summarise it up..I've no self-confidence in this......

So till then.....


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