Monday, 28 January 2008

Black Beauty Focal- F280108-4 (sold out)

This is my last upload for the week and also my favourite creation this week. I'm keeping a piece for myself. Similar design to Black Beauty Lentils, this focal bead can actually match with Black Beauty Lentils to become a set. Cherry Blossom flowers and black tone leaves are blended together to creates a perfect swirl! Smokey colored Swarovski rhinestone is embedded on the side. Beautiful!

Dia. app: 25mm

Price: $10.00/pc (04 pcs available)


Dawne said...

The beads are gorgeous!!! Argh!! I missed out on this weeks upload!! =(

Charlene said...

Hi Dawne, nice to hear from you :) not to worry there will always be more creations coming up.