Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Don't leave home without it (and no its not a credit card advertisment :))

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Yes, don't leave home without your cooking pot/pans and knives that A truly sense of humor... I love these bags, I was hesitating to decide between these 2 designs from this store from Etsy. My bag of xx months give way one day while I was shopping....the zipper pull practically FLEW out of my bag (yes no joke's true) as I tugged it too hard. I have a habit of practically packing the whole house into my bag and I guess that's the reason why it can't withstand my torturing...and give way. Well on the other hand it also give me another reason to shop :)
These bags are reasonably priced too. Cost between USD15.00-USD22.00 for a design like that, I would definitely go for it. I love BIG bags and I have a reason for it, I can't afford not to bring camera, makeup pouch, wallet, coin pouch, organiser, cardholder....blah sometimes I will need to rush from appointments to meetings and to classes and of cos in between I got to stuff in my girl's sweater and story books and teddy bears.....
Maybe you can help me to decide which bag to go for.
Oh BTW, if you've realised, I've changed the entire outlook of my blog.....I've seen too many similarities to mine on some recent beads making/clay works blogs to be coincidence and I don't really enjoy it very much.

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