Monday, 14 January 2008

Sun Kisses and Love Hearts- B140108-2 (sold out)

Trust me, this photo doesn't do justice to these beads...they are wonderful in 'person' details of the lace swirl is much prettier. Using the chrystanthemum canes, they create a translucent swirling effect on this red and orange beads...hmmm why this 2 colours combination? Red represents the coming Valentine's day and Orange reminds me of the Mandarin oranges during CNY. My daughter says it looks more like Menthol fruity favour candies :)) Swarovski rhinestone on the top right hand corners of the red hearts.

Dia: app: Heart Shape beads: 18mm, Lentils: 19mm

Price: $12.00/set of 4 pcs (07 sets available)

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