Thursday, 28 February 2008

Clay-ative Studio!

Tinkle Art Room is into the second year of collaboration with Fei Yue Community Services to spread the craft of Polymer Clay to the elderly group in our community. Last year Clay-ative Studio (An Innovate Sculpey! Programme) was a success with a total no. of more than 60 elderly participants from the western part of Singapore. They were introduced to the craft of polymer clay, learned different techniques and skill to create their own works. They were even introduced to entrepreneurship programs like marketing skills and etc so that they would be able to learn how promote and sell the items that they have created. Their works are available for sale through

We are so pleased to announced that due to the overwhelming responses. They are opening another course again this year. If you do know any elderly who would like to take part in the programme, please do contact them at 6561-4404. Its a wonderful opportunity and experience too good to be missed. Oh BTW, this programme is also heavily subsidised by the organisation, the course fee will definitely not burn a hole in your pocket. :) (this is the only time when I wished that I'm much much older to be able to qualify to join the programme lol!) Find out more details here

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