Monday, 24 March 2008

My likes..

I'm starting to think of drawing and painting now....these books was bought quite sometime ago...thanks to a good friend of mine for introducing me to these Usborne Children's activities books...I am so smitten with these eye candies....was thinking of painting on the canvases for my girl's room when we move to our new home next year.....I was so attracted to the Usborne "How to" series that I had to have most of them in my collection.. lol. I had no doubt, not even a wink of eyes when you talk about the topic of "conquering" craft books.... not that I have the time to make these lovelies....but somehow it just allows you to escape into a world of your own.....a temporary shut away from the "bees-y-ness" of the world just by fliping through the pages....hehehe :)

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