Thursday, 24 July 2008

Latest issue of Polymer Cafe!

Latest August issue of Polymer cafe is up! Beside the regular PC projects , its nice to have something different in the cover page, a really pretty orchid made from Makin's Clay, they have a step by step colour photo instructions for you to follow..and a nice change from the regular roses that we've seen so often.. If you have not tried out Makin's clay before, you might have a nice surprise to know that its air-dry, good for those who do not have an oven specially for clay baking and its almost unbreakable too! So if you have in mind to make some pretty flower beads from it, you are on the right track....We have limited copies of the Polymer cafe magazines on hand now, just pop over to our online store now to check it out and yes...we do carry Makin's clay too.

On the side, these few months have been crazy for me...if you've noticed, there is actually a 3 weeks break before my next upload of beads on the 1st of Aug. I have been trying the sort out the accounts dept (every quarterly of the year is a rabid hair pulling time for me..aww!!...) and clearing my customisations orders and having clay classes every now and then and of cos in between I'm am still trying to camp in regular sport session with my hubby at least once a week, but all the amount of work seems to be getting too much into me energizer seems to be on the low bat. mode think I am sick....or shall I reluctantly have to say so......