Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The thing is..

Yummy " lazy" Ice-cream for us hehe :)

1 clay class, 2 workshops and 3 clay parties have been keeping me busy for the past week, not forgetting a school holiday in between but I managed to set aside some time for the children during the holiday, we made some ice-cream dessert, rented DVDs and spent a lazy morning watching one before I whisked myself off to another clay party workshop in the afternoon on Youth Day...

I have mentioned some time ago about setting up a new online store...and its getting along quite nicely..... although its not fully loaded yet...and yet it has already made its first sale to the States!! I'm so excited about it !! I will keep you in suspense until its ready to have its grand opening sometime next week I hoped...In between the busy schedule, I have been cracking out my brain sorting out and loading new items in it. New items have arrived, photos needs to be taken and loaded.. well it seems like another busy week for me, see you on Friday.