Monday, 11 August 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Singapore!

Happy Birthday Singapore! (Drawing done by my older girl)

Gosh! I know I'm that late to wish our nation a happy birthday... while I spent a few days ago celebrating my daughter's. This year will be the last year where she is officially able to "celebrate her birthday in school". We had a small party at school and everyone has a yummy looking cupcake instead of a traditional cake which causes such a mess while cutting and eating. I loved the cupcakes...we get to choose different theme and designs...we had 15 of Carebears and Strawberry shortcakes theme for the girls and 15 of dinosaurs and animals theme for the boys...each figurine on the cake is either a ring or a bookmark. Besides eating, you get to keep the small toy too! What fun! All the children were so excited to be able to choose their favourite character you can see their eyes sparkles while waiting happily in line to choose their cake.
On the other hand for my craft, my customisations and remakes orders have been plying up...and I just has got this feeling of " I've not done my assignment and it needs to be hand up tomorrow" kind of feeling... If any of you are reading this and has been waiting your orders, I'm trying my best...thank you so much for your understanding and patience. As much as I love this passion of mine...I wouldn't want to turn it into stressful hobby/biz. From now on until further notice, the lead time for delivery for new customisation and remakes of beads will be 1 month. And yes..if you happen to see the side bar...the next upload will be on 22nd Aug (that is a 3 weeks break for the last upload) I've got a school project for 50 students in one of the JC this week that got me running around like an ant on hot bricks!
So see you, and have a nice week ahead.