Friday, 31 October 2008

Catch me on CNA again...

New batch of findings have arrived at the doorsteps, photos have yet to be taken.....thank you very much for the good responses to the beads/charms. Nov will be a month where I'll be ready to get down to some serious creations soon (hopefully....keep my fingers cross ^ -^). Received a mail from Lisa (Lisa Ang) the other day that the parenting program " Great Expectations" will be on air again every Tuesday on Channel News Asia at 8.30pm. I do not know which day I'll be on.....there will be altogether 8 think that I will have to "relive " my nervousness!! Anyway, it's a great program with lots of good tips for young parents and I'm glad to be able to catch it on TV again.

I leave you with a photo of a cute pirate seal that was made for little Joel's Pirate theme birthday party.
Take care!