Wednesday, 22 October 2008

My Girl!

Last Sat was so fantastic for us, the performance such a success. The kids and us totally enjoyed ourselves so much. The Kindergarten had 4 concerts on 1 day, 2 for the nursery and 2 for the K1 and K2. Yes....I know...I wonder how the teachers did it Our concert ended at around 9pm and headed down to Mac for a good supper after the great show. My 6yrs old did not eat much during her dinner earlier on due to the "flutters" in her tummy (she was so nervous) so after the performance, she felt so frantically hungry and I've never seen her eat her burger that fast!

This week is the exam week, the stress level is at the peak for us as the older one sits for her year end semester exam. To all the mummies out there..* Big Waves** I'm sure that you agree with me, that the parents are normally the ones who are more stressed out than the kids themselves. So let us "brace" ourselves through this week, facing the exam war together!
On the other hand, I'm so glad that the packages are all arriving one by one safely. I will be busy taking pictures of them and loading them one by one onto the web store this week. We have got some nice vintage flowers, unique words beads, pendant, charms and many more on the way here.