Friday, 3 October 2008

Thank you for the poll!

Thanks for so much for the active participation in the poll.

I am looking forward to sourcing for more interesting crafts and jewelries findings all over the world to add to the store( this is one great perks of my job LOL!) I hope to make TAC a more complete store for your crafting needs. New polymer clay beads will also be loaded onto the store once they are ready...btw new beads creations are really now I'm busy fiddling with the new accounting software system. Phase 1 and phase 2 of the training has just been maybe another 1 or 2 weeks to go, also as previously stated, my stock level has been running low due to recent orders. Stock would need to order and restock soon for the coming festive season. My crafting needs has to be place aside at the moment until the priories get done.

My "quite new" notebook (the one that I've bought at the beginning of the year remember?) has been playing truants on me now...I need to back up all my data onto an external hard disk before I reformat it ..Yikes!!! and I need to get a new external hard disk..the one that I had just doesn't seems enough for me as most of the memory space has been taken up by photos. After reformatting, then I can load the new accounting system onto it (at the moment now..I'll have to work with 2 laptops .)