Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Kids Project- No Bake Oreo Ice- Cream Cheese Cake!

Well the School Holidays had just started and this year we are not planning to go anywhere far, not at least until the house moving plans have been finalised... and just few days into the holidays we have planned out a few easy to make projects for the kids. This is one of them.

The No-Bake Oreo Ice-cream Cheese Cake

Yum Yum!

Above are the ingredients that we will need for this recipe.
We need:
1. Oreo Cookies (about 25 cookies)
2. Whipping Cream
3. Butter
4. Gelatin
5. Philadelphia Cream Cheese
6. Ziplock Bag
7. Big deep bowl (for whisking the cheese and cream)
8. Whisk
9. Fairy Rice- optional (for decoration purpose)

We do not have the actual amount or weight of the ingredients that is needed to make this cake, it is purely based on our *instincts* LOL.. But if you are really interested, you can find out more info here

For the first step, which is also Tammy's favourite process. Scrape out the cream in the Oreo cookies with a spoon...we scraped about almost 25 cookies I think...Put the cream into another small bowl you can save that as a spread for bread later. We do not need that for the ice-cream cheese cake.

Next, put all the plain cookies into a zipped locked bag, remember to seal it tight as we are going to crushed all the cookies into fine crumbs...

Put about 1/3 bar of butter into a small bowl, fill another bigger bowl with about 1/4 full with hot water (you've got to help your kid in this) and place the small bowl with butter into the bigger bowl. The hot water will melt the butter nicely. Its a much better idea than melting it over a hot stove.

Next, pour the half of the cookies crumbs into a bowl save another half for later use, mix in the melted butter. make sure they are mixed well. Pour the mixture into a tin foil and push them firmly onto the base of the foil. (see photo below)

Pour in about a teaspoon of gelatin into a mixing bowl.

Next put in about 1/2 a tub of the Philadelphia cream cheese. You can put in more if you prefer the cake to be more creamy. Mix the gelatin and cream cheese well.(Optional- you put in some sugar too if you like your cake to be sweeter)

Put in some whipping cream, you can get them at the fresh milk and cheese section of the supermarket. We have some difficulties looking for them at the flour section until a daddy pointed out to us...hmm..I guess he is a more domesticated daddy than me as a mummy hehehe...

Mix everything really well, whisk the mixture until it becomes a bit fluffy. The color should looked like the picture below...

Pour the remaining cookie crumbs into the mixture. Mix well. We are almost done....

Pour the mixture of cream, cheese and cookie crumbs into the tin foil with the cookie crumbs base that you've prepared earlier on.

Sprinkle in some fairy rice, my girls love the pretty colors!

Place the cake in fridge overnight. Remember to place it in the lower section not the freezer or it will become ice!! This is the outcome of our first try at making the no bake Oreo ice-cream cake. Remember to enjoy the whole process with your children, do let me know if its successful for you too!