Sunday, 22 March 2009

Hear me roar!

Mom was back home last Friday after 3 weeks of confinement at the hospital, and we were all literally running to get everything done before she got home, making sure the house is spick and span, stocking up her fridge, checking the mail box, sorting out the mails, and I'm very very so very glad that she is recovering really well despite her age. This march holiday wasn't much of one, especially for me, the kids wasn't thrilled either as they had to deal with lots of homework. The older one has her school camp coming along this week, and so lots of assignments had to be done first as she will miss 3 days of school, but even so she was in such excitement and anticipation. This will be the first time that she is officially staying away from home. (with exception of staying over at her cousin's place of cos). The week was filled with lots of errands running, 2 school workshops and 1 clay party, I just have to share with you these cutest lion cubs made by a bunch of exuberant 10 years olds. Happy Birthday Chrystie!

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