Monday, 16 March 2009

I want to be a towel sales girl!

Yes when I saw what my older girl has drawn...the first thought that I had was.....that is so cool!
I never think that there is a profession such as towel sales girl...well I know that there are the sales person that works in the departmental store of cos, but it has never really cross my mind that there is this particular job profession as "towel sales girl" as she seriously described. Well in her opinion..the job of this person has to make sure that all the towels that she sells has to be extremely fluffy and soft and they have to be color coordinated too! Talk about perfectionist...I think it runs in the family ^-^

These lollipoppers bookmarks are hand drawn and painted by my girl and are available at Ivory Apple. Do visit and help her to get a step nearer to her goal! It will be a great encouragement to my little entrepreneur!

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