Monday, 18 January 2010

Christmas cookies baking and more..

I know it's a bit too late to share this, (the girls had a lot of fun baking these cookies!) but since the last week of school holidays until now, the weeks has been quite crazy as I have anticipated. My older one will be taking her PSLE this year, all her schedules have already been filled up with extra classes from school and beyond, my priority will be on the girls this year, and the clay classes will have to lay low for the time being. I will try to come up with some plans for the classes as and when if the time permits, so please look out for them. Ever since the school started, my daily routine begins at 6am, with trips to the PO, chauffeuring, errands and chores along the way and ends only around 10 pm when the girls go to bed, my only leisure at the moment is being a farmer (farmville)and keeping a virtual pet (pet society) on FB. ^.^

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