Wednesday, 28 April 2010


I have not been doing much creations lately except for the small project (above) in the beginning of the year, it's a hand stitched diary cover which I did for myself. The recent days are spent on tidying up my work studio/showroom and making sure that I'll on time to meet the kids at home after school. Accompanying them when they are working on their school work and sending them for classes. Their exams are round the corner (yup, almost half of the year gone ) and yes I'm totally stressed out...I'm sure a lot of parents will nod your head in agreement if your child is taking the PSLE this year. (The primary school leaving exam for those of you who do not stay in Singapore.) Counting down to days till the exams gives me the butterflies, and these butterflies are not the creative ones that we are talking about, they seems to have totally sucked out the creative juice in me and at the same time turned me into a complete nervous wreck hahaha....

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Jacqueline said...

Dear Charlene, i hope things are getting less stress for you. I totally understand how parents would be really stress during their little ones' primary school leaving exam. My parents were too when i took my primary exam hehe
I am in love with your diary cover! It's so lovely and gorgeous! You are really talented. So happy to have found my way to you and your very inspiring space! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!