Saturday, 31 July 2010

Back with excess!

I'm sorry that I've left without saying good bye over here and now I'm back... the trip wasn't planned last min, but as I've tons to things to prepare for my family before I left for my trip that I did not have the time to pen it down here. It was really fruitful (38kg of craft items) as I've brought back many new items for the store and can't wait to take photos and load them online. Do look out for them soon..and here is a very personal photo of what my younger one has done on my suitcase the night before I left (it was a very early flight.) she pasted it on, as I will be leaving the house while she was still sleeping. Too bad the paper did not survive the flight and was gone when I picked the suitcase up from the conveyor belt. Luckily I took this photo just before I left the house at 4am in the morning.

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