Sunday, 31 October 2010

Ja's visit to my walk-in wardrobe.

So Ja was excited that he could finally visit my new walk in wardrobe :)), but he wasn't too happy that he wouldn't fit into the bathrobe and the Barbie's shoes that I placed on the shoes shelf  lol. Well he knew that it wasn't meant for him anyway. This set has finally been completed and was sent off to my customer, I'm glad that they are happy with everything here. For those who is not too sure about what is happening here, you can visit my previous post here.
On the side, finally I'm able to have sometime for myself now that both my girls' exam are finally over, I wanted to start creating, so look out for this space to see some new inspirations emerging soon.


stainless steel said...

That is one big Teddy bear on a great camera trick.
love you walkin wardrobe.

Charlene said...

LOL, thanks for liking this, but it wasn't a camera trick...This is a miniature 1:10 scale walk-in wardrobe system that I did under the request of my customer, they are the manufacturer for walk in wardrobes. This teddy bear is merely 17.5cm tall.