Sunday, 9 January 2011

Beyond Social Services- A little effort in giving back to the society. (Polymer Clay Course)

Looking back at 2010, a year which keep me on my heels most of the time as my family took a priority. My girl went through the first major exam of her life, and we as parent gave her all the support that she needed, guiding her all the way, giving her an opportunity to understand that along the way, we would meet with obstacles of different levels and difficulties throughout her life. I'm glad that she made it through and not bad at all I would say. :))) 2010 was also a year where I contributed a little effort in giving back to the society. We had worked with a few social welfare organizations in conducting clay workshops for the youth and the young. One of them is Beyond Social Services. I'm so glad that I can pass the skills that I have accumulated through the years to these youth who would in terms put them into a good use. 

The objective " To learn the skills of clay making and contribute back to the community in a positive way so that the community will subsequently use the skill to generate some form of revenue for themselves. Allows the youth to pick up a skill which is otherwise expensive to learn."

Thank you Beyond for such an enriching experience that I had with the kids, I'm greatly touched for the sweet gesture and the appreciation shown. ^-^


Jacqueline said...

Sounds like a wonderful year and that your girl went thru her first major exam! Congratz to your girl. :) Wishing you LOVE and JOY this new year and may we continue to share our aventures together this new year. Love to you!


Charlene said...

Thank you Jacqueline, Happy Belated birthday amd I hope that you will have a winderful year too this year!