Monday, 21 February 2011

The Chingay 2011

It was a very last min decision to set up a booth promoting clay art in the Chingay parade on 11 and 12th Feb, In fact I was totally amazed that PA had managed to set up the tall lightbox (complete with write up) and the signage with lights within 24 hours! Thank you contractors for such efficiency ^-^ . The previous day we were at the site and was still thinking on how to decorate the booth since that it had nothing (no light box, no signs) as compared to other booths and we were pleasantly surprised that we were not only given both and also an additional table to display our creations on arrival. I am very glad for the warm responses to the sign up for this interest group, keep the enquires coming.. ^-^!! We also managed to grasp some moments to snap some photos of the parade too.! Enjoy!

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