Monday, 7 January 2008


Finally managed to get my new laptop... a new year gift from my husband...routines are back on track after a crazy Dec. I finally managed to take control of stuff are back in school and I'm beginning to enjoy more family time with them now. Work place is still quite a mess, but I'll take my time..organising one thing at a time.

I did not have a chance to post some photos of the very special Christmas presents that I received from some of the very special people that I've known, now here they are. Remember sometime earlier on I've posted photos of some very pretty frames? Widi has especially made this very lovely Christmas photo frame for me , this parcel came wrapped with a lovely wrapper and a very pretty card with well wishes all the way from Indonesia. Thank you Widi for the lovely thought.

Another thoughtful present that I've received is this handmade and hand painted apron..for those who had seen me working, will know that I always wear apron when I working....not for cooking of course but more often than not, it tends to get messy especially when working with kids all the time. Cherry is so sweet and thoughtful to notice that I was not wearing my usual "uniform" yes Cherry, my favourite apron, the one that I had been wearing most of the time for the past 2 years was too worn out and was left at home at the laundry sweet of her to notice that I was wearing a plain one and decide to get me one for Christmas. Its just what I need...a new apron for a new year and a new place. Lol

Ok enough of my beads will be coming between 11-12pm today. Thank you so much for the patience waiting for my new creations.

Have a good week ahead!

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