Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Enchanted Gardens....coming up this afternoon.

Photos of Natasha's birthday party

I thought I will be able to have a bit more of " me time" this week....but who knows that my little girl's kindergarten has decided to close voluntary for 10 good days due to the wide spread of the HFM disease. There you go...."me time" no more....:( However on the brighter side...we got to spend some quality time together....trying out new clay products...making silly games and stuff....

One of the prominent International Art material supplier will be having new PC on its shelves soon, I'm glad to be part of their collaboration. More information will be known soon once its confirmed. Good to have more choices of Polymer clay in the market for us yippee!!

Well, back to the beads creations where I've been neglecting recently....been always trying to come up with new ideas and creations. I hoped that today's creations will be able to inject some new concepts into PC pendants.

See you soon this afternoon between 3 to 4pm.