Saturday, 13 September 2008

About my absence from Blog Land.

Well so very sorry for my long absence...been hibernating....nah....just have this really prolonged BAD flu bug bugging me.....making me drowsy most of the time after taking tons of medicine....yes..I have been "floating around" lol!

Office space has been sorted out...sorry many of you have mailed me asking whether I would be moving back to SGV..maybe my last post has been sort of misleading....I am still in Bt Merah now...just moved into another unit..and just for your info...SGV is due to demolish soon to make way for some other development, maybe in the future that there might be an opportunity to move back, but at the moment, I'm glad to be where I am.

Last few weeks has been such madness for me..and now I am down with flu.." Big Heavy SIGH...:( Last week of the school holiday...I was staying at home most of the time..playing dough with my heard it right...dough...not clay.....made up some silly menus with the girls (like the sexy lips monster burger that you saw above) and oh yes..before I came down with the flu thingy..we managed to catch Wall.E..

This week is back to school week after the short break. Back to be mummy taxi again (yes!! I finally got the car back!!),though this time..I try not to drive if I can...but without a car, its just seems impossible to multi-tasks. There are just too many orders faxing in..its not the clay beads that we are talking about...but overseas orders for some of our main distributing products..we are filling in orders for Christmas....packing and sealing boxes and and sending them off to the forwarders.

I've just got this new accounting software..that I so excited more mistakes in my stocks takes and all that..I just need some time to go through the some modules with the trainers and there...everything will be an ease for me from now pulling days are officially OVER!!

So..that's what happened to me for the last 2 weeks of my what about you? Would love to hear from you to! :)