Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New arrival of Polymer Cafe Feb 2009

I have received the latest issue of Polymer cafe Feb 2009 just yesterday and am glad to share it with you on the contents of this magazine. As you might have notice that I've not been doing much with my clay lately but I've never fail to keep track of the latest techniques available through this magazine.
For this issue, I'm so indulged with the techniques taught by Sharon "Harry" Solly on the look of ceramic on polymer clay using Liquid clay. In this tutorial, she has clearly shown us the how to create these faux beautiful ceramic clay beads using liquid clay as you can see from the photos
Do look here for the table of contents
This issue also includes some projects and tutorials on
1. Making a "Berry Cute Critter" pendant by Christi Friesen
2. Mica Shift Pendant by Lorraine Robertson
Its a fantastic tutorial for those who is always curious about Mica shift technique
3. The look of Ceramic by Sharon "Harry" Solly (as mentioned above)
4. Fast and easy jewelry Finishing Techniques by Stephania Harden- Martin
and many more...
I've limited copies of the latest issue so do hurry you can purchase a copy from our online store now!