Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I'm back......

I'm back for each of us from my trip... yup there is even one for DH...hehehe.

Look forward to new exciting products once the photos are ready! Still in the mist of trying to sort out so many items that I've brought back from my trip, not including the 10 big cartons of Makin's products that just arrived into Sin on Sat (when I wasn't around), what can you say about such wonderful DH. I would probably end up paying huge sum just for the warehouse rent during the festive season if not for his help to receive the stock for me. Hehe...a little sweet surprise for the girls and him from my trip. Now you would have guess which is the mommy bunny (aka me) the baby girls bunnies (my girls) and ahem...the daddy bunny (DH). I think they would look perfect sitting on the shelf of our new study when we move to the new house.

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