Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Hello there,
Just a short update before I leave this weekend for a few days out of town for work. Our Makin's clay products is already on the way here and should be arriving end this week thus new items will be uploaded next week. I've already take note of those who have emailed me about the products and will inform them once they have arrive. You can still go ahead to order from TAC, but please do note that as I will be away from 18/09 to 21/09 and I would only be able to process your order on 22/09 when I'm back in town.

last term break was a short one, so we did not have any clay workshop for Tinkle Art Room, but I had a private Angel Clay Workshop with 4 little girls who had a wonderful 2 hours making the squirrel you see above, except theirs was alot more pretty in pink with pink and yellow flowers all over. ^-^
Oh yes, even though at the moment we do not have any regular children class now, but if you are interested to organise a private workshop for your kids, please feel free to contact me for more details.
Till then, enjoy your long weekends!

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