Saturday, 24 October 2009

New Miniature Gourmet Classes Coming

This is the first batch of miniature gourmet classes for adults that will soon commence at Tinkle Art Room , do look out for them once I've plan out the dates, I will put them up in the website. There is also the miniature cakes making class and the deco sweet making class whereby you will be taught how to decorate your items like bottles, jar and mirrors the whipped cream style. Meanwhile I'm busy preparing my exams, oops..sorry I meant helping my kids prepare for their exams.(it seems like I'm the one taking the exams.) I guess that its the sentiment for a lot of parents in Singapore. you will see me disappearing at the beginning of the week until Thursday which is their last paper. After that I will be going to plan for the children holiday programmes for Tinkle Art Room.
Till then, take care!

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Glennis said...

Yummy. They look so edible.