Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Deco Sweets Workshops coming soon too!

Exams periods are finally over and I am busy planning for the classes that coming up real soon. I do hoped that I can complete the schedule by end of the week and would be able to reply to who are interested to attend with more information. My mom is going for her second leg surgery today (the 1st one was at early part of the year) and I will be pretty occupied with all the errands and matters that comes with all these. So please pardon me if I reply to your email a bit slower than usual.
I've been planning for the miniature gourmet classes for quite sometime now and things are moving a bit slow due to family affairs recently, but all information regarding the classes and time schedule should be ready by end of this week. Together with the miniature gourmet classes, I will also be having workshops on deco sweets designs (please see above pict.). In 2 sessions workshop, you will be able to create everything that you see in the above pict. like the chocolate rose, gingerbread man, biscuits, cherries, strawberry and blueberry etc...and decorate them with whipped cream clay into a glass container. The details will also be up by end of the week.
So look out for them soon and ciao!

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